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My published writings on Historical Deism

In order to show that deists in the seventeenth and eighteenth century advocated a form of spirituality, I have been spent the last seven years doing intensive research on Enlightenment deism.  So far I have published three articles  in academic journals showing the deists in England were very spiritual.  I am currently working on a book on the spirituality of the deists in England and America.  

       These three articles are posted below.





Article on the Piety of the English Deists
This article appeared in the Intellectual History Review June 2012. It proves that the vast majority of the most prominent English deists believed in prayer, miracles, revelations, and even that divine beings still communicated with people. It shows that the English deists in general have been falsely characterized as secular rationalists who had a distant and inactive deity. The article is based on a careful reading of these deists and is full of direct quotes from the deists.
Adobe Acrobat document [146.0 KB]
Article on Ben Franklin's Christian Deist Writings
This article appeared in the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography in January 2016. It shows that Benjamin Franklin should be considered a Christian Deist based on his longest religious writings. These writings were in defense of Rev. Samuel Hemphill in 1735. Christian deists were deists who believed that Jesus taught only deism or natural religion.
waligore proofreading copy.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [106.1 KB]
Article on Christian Deism
This article appeared in the International Journal of Philosophy and Theology October 2014. It discusses three English deists, Thomas Morgan, Thomas Amory, and Matthew Tindal, who labeled themselves "Christian deists." These deists believed that Jesus only taught morality and piety, or in other words deism. These deists believed priests and ministers had perverted Christianity to be about doctrines and rituals.
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These articles have also been posted at  You can read them there by clicking on this red square:

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